Wings Tandem

Bringing the comfort and safety of Wings into the world of tandem.

The Wings You know

Known around the world for comfort, safety, affordability and innovative
engineering, Wings puts those skills to work in our new tandem.

The student harness is designed to be the most comfortable harness in the
industry. Forward anchor points at the shoulder put the student in a
sitting position under Telescopic leg pads. Doubled shoulder pads place
padding where it’s needed. We didn’t forget the instructor: like high-end
backpacks, cut-in laterals place the weight of the rig on the instructor’s
hips instead of shoulders.

Small details add up to a big impact. Floating RSL attachment and
stainless steel hardware on the riser protect from premature reserve
deployment if a riser breaks. Cordura drogue pouch lasts the life of the
rig. Magnet drogue tab anchors the drogue until you want it out. Single
drogue release cable simplifies deployment and dual handles allow
deployment with either hand.

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