Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer discounts on custom rigs?

Yes! We offer a 40% discount to all active duty and retired military personnel. The 40% is off of the base price of the container and all options are at full retail price. All that is needed to qualify for this discount is a current military ID or discharge papers. We also offer discounts to skydiving instructors.  To qualify for the instructor discount we would need your USPA membership card showing your ratings (or the appropriate documentation for your country).

Discounts apply to military personnel and instructors only and are not transferable to family or friends.

Can I order parts for my rig through you?

Yes, in the unlikely event that you lose your handles, need new risers or just want to spruce up your container we can get you what you need.  Just give us a call or send your request to

Are Wings free fly friendly?

Yes! All of the containers we build are suitable for any discipline and do not need any modifications to fit your style. We do offer Wing Suit modifications to our rigs, even with these modifications they are still free fly friendly.

I need to know what size canopy will fit in a container.

Give us a call or email and we can let you know exactly what canopies will fit in your rig. Have your serial number ready as well as the size and model of the canopy. A very basic sizing chart can be found under the “rigging” section of the website. Please, only use the most current canopy sizing chart that is provided here. Other sizing charts we have seen in the past have incorrect info and were not published by us.

How do I buy a stock rig?

If you see a stock rig that you would like to purchase, please contact us or your nearest dealer. Stock rigs are discounted 30% off of the base price with options at regular retail. Most stock rigs are available immediately. Stock rigs are sold as-is and we cannot make modifications to stock rigs other than adding on a Reserve Boost. Additional discounts and gift certificates cannot be applied towards the purchase of stock rigs.

Can I order a custom rig directly through you?

If you are active military, a skydiving instructor or have been fortunate enough to win a gift certificate you can order directly through us or your dealer. The choice is yours. All others need to go through a local dealer.

What is the difference between Wings Classic and Wings Vision?

The Wings Vision offers additional panels for more coloring options. Other than that there is no difference.

What is the difference between the Stainless Steel Standard and Deluxe options?

The Standard Stainless Steel option includes three ring, chest strap hardware and hip rings all in stainless steel. The Deluxe options includes all stainless steel hardware.