Reserve Boost

Simply the best way to get your reserve canopy out in a hurry. Wings has extensively tested Reserve Boost in all aspects of the freefall environment and demonstrated the superior engineering of the system. Get Reserve Boost in your rig today!

Simply simple

Reserve Boost mechanically senses the source and direction of the greatest
pull and uses that force to lift your reserve free bag out of your
container and into the wind. When your cutaway main canopy makes the
biggest pull, Reserve Boost connects the free bag bridle to your main, allowing the main canopy to pull your free bag out of the container. The same goes for the reserve pilot chute if it happens to make the bigger pull in the event that your main canopy cannot do so.

Tested safe

The bulk of testing demonstrated the transparency of Reserve Boost to your standard emergency actions. Pull your reserve ripcord handle and Reserve Boost allows the reserve pilot chute to cleanly extract your reserve. But if you have the added power and drag of a malfunctioned main canopy, Reserve Boost taps that power to lift your reserve out of the tray and over your head in seconds. No other system gets a reserve over your head faster than Reserve Boost.