We have stock rigs available for immediate delivery times. If you are interested in purchasing one of the stock rigs you see please contact your nearest dealer. Stock rigs are sold as-is. However, we can add on a reserve boost at your request. The canopies listed in the description are based on Performance Design canopies, mainly Sabre and PDR. Additional discounts and gift certificates cannot be applied towards the purchase of a stock rig.

# 12946

W5, Main 120-135, Reserve 113-126, Fits: 67-71 inch (170-180 cm) 135-155 lb (61-70 kg) Waist in (cm): 29-35 (73-89) Thigh in (cm): 22-24 (56-61)

# 12641

W5-2 EXT, Main 107-120, Reserve 113-126, Fits: 67-72 inch (170-183 cm) 160-180 lb (72-82 kg) Waist in (cm): 29-35 (73-89) Thigh in (cm): 22-24 (56-61)