Pricing and options

All Wings harness and container systems come standard with the followings options:

Reserve Pilot chute • Reserve Freebag and Bridle • Reserve Pilot Chute Cap • Main Risers • Main Toggles • Main D-bag • Standard Main Pilot Chute/Bridle • Main Cut Away Handle • Reserve Ripcord • Square Reserve Toggles • AAD Ready • Hip Articulation • Cut In Laterals • Cadmium Hardware • Thread Thru Leg Straps

Rig typeWings ClassicWings VisionWings student
SRI 100
$ 2150
SRI 104
$ 2250
SRI 101
$ 2150
SRI 105
$ 2250
Articulated freefly
SRI 106
$ 2150
SRI 107
$ 2250
Articulated adjustable
SRI 103
$ 2300

Popular options

All Options

Item #Item nameItem price $
SMI 210Reserve Boost230
SMI 800Custom colored main P/C (standard white/black)15
SMI 801Custom colored main bridle (standard black)20
SMI 803AHard insert for main or pillow reserve handle10 each
SMI 852Tie-dye option (partial 3 flaps or less)250
SMI 853Tie-dye option (complete 4 flaps or more)320
SMI 854Split color option200
SMI 855Yin Yang option350
SRI 209Pillow reserve handle80
SMI 900Midflap stripes25
SMI 901Midflap pinstripes (only available with midflap stripes)25
SMI 902Digitizing Fee for Logos & Images40
SMI 902Monogram (up to 10 letters)40
SMI 906#3 Pinstripe20
SMI 903#4 Pinstripe20
SMI 904#6 Pinstripe10
SMI 905#7 Pinstripe20
SMI 907BStainless steel deluxe (all hardware stainless)225
SMI 908B-12 snaps70
SMI 909Quilted backpad30
SMI 909BSpacer Foam Backpad and Legpads150
SMI 910Hackey handle40
SMI 911Freefly handle35
SRI 912Collapsible pilot chute95
SMI 913Spring loaded main pilot chute setup170
SMI 914RSL60
SMI 915Hook knife on mudflap pocket35
SMI 916Collapsible P/C with hackey handle135
SMI 917Rush order (not always available)300
SMI 918Main static line setup ( includes static line)130
SMI 920AFF left side jump master setup for throw out P/C150
SMI 921CRW option120
SMI 923Third risers set up50
SRI 923ASwoop riser option40
SMI 926Freefly Belly Band65
SMI 928Semi stowless Main deployment bag100
Misc GearCustom Stitching100
Misc GearAbstract Stitching50
Misc GearMagnetic Slider Keeper25
Misc GearContrast Stitching150