Spare part prices

Item #Item nameItem price $
SMI 201Reserve pilot chute110
SMI 202Reserve pilot chute cap50
SMI 203Reserve freebag and bridle110
SMI 204Round reserve bridle30
SMI 205Square reserve toggles35
SMI 206Reserve ripcord assembly (low profile or standard)85
SMI 207RSL100
SMI 208Student / FXC ripcord assembly85
SMI 209BPillow reserve handle95
SMI 210 AReserve Boost new parts for old rig (Free bag & RSL)345
SMI 210 BReserve Boost added for old parts for old rig240
SMI 300Main type 8 risers large ring risers175
SMI 301Main type 8 risers mini ring risers175
SMI 302Main type 8 risers large ring with Velcro175
SMI 303Main type 8 risers mini ring with Velcro175
SMI 304Main type 17 risers175
SMI 305Main type 17 risers with Velcro175
SMI 306Main CRW type 8 risers200
MiscAdd stainless to risers50
SMI 310Main steering toggles (set of 2)35
SMI 311Main steering toggles with Velcro (set of 2)35
SMI 313Main CRW steering toggles100
SMI 314Main release handle70
SMI 315Main release handle loop style70
SMI 400Main spring loaded pilot chute with bridle135
SMI 401Main spring loaded pilot chute bridle30
SMI 402Main spring loaded pilot chute bridle/static line assist30
SMI 403Main standard T/O pilot chute with plastic handle80
SMI 404Main standard T/O pilot chute/bridle with hackey handle125
SMI 405Main collapsible T/O pilot chute/bridle with plastic handle130
SMI 406Main collapsible T/O pilot chute/bridle with hackey handle175
SMI 407Main collapsible bridle75
SMI 408Main standard bridle30
SMI 409Hackey handle (sold separately)45
SMI 410Freefly handle (sold separately)40
SMI 411Main pull out handle (sold separately)45
SMI 412Main static line100
SMI 413Main static line/pilot chute assist90
SMI 414AFF left side jump master handle (only)50
SMI 415AFF BOC pocket without handle80
SMI 500Main deployment bag85
SMI 500ASemi-stowless main deployment bag130
SMI 501Main deployment bag split100
SMI 600Main metal ripcord handle assembly85
SMI 601Main plastic ripcord assembly13